Personal Training

Have a specific goal in mind that needs the right attention? Working privately can be beneficial for people with specific needs that require individualised programming and instruction. I coach clients to help them develop a strong understanding of their body, movement qualities, and nutritional habits to elicit a change in behaviour, for good. 6-12-24 session packages available.

Semi-Private Training

Training with a friend, family member, or partner can be fun, rewarding and more importantly, can keep you accountable to your program. It can also be a cost effective way to get the direction and instruction from working privately. Historically, semi-private clients I coached enjoyed the atmosphere of training and learning from each other. 6-12-24 session packages available.

PN Certified Nutrition Coaching

As a PN Certified Coach, I am trained and qualified to provide nutrition coaching for anyone looking to lose weight to gain weight. My program works by developing sustainable nutrition habits by setting small and attainable goals. I’m committed on working to provide you a nutrition program that meets your needs and wants for the long-run. Please contact for more information.

Individual Movement Profile

This 30-min session explores your physical and nutritional background in more detail. We look into goal setting, nutrition, and conduct a thorough movement screen to help identify key needs to help you achieve your goals. Anthropometric and body fat measurements available on request*

Group Orientation & Movement Screen

For the goal setters. In this 1-hour, group-based orientation, I review gross movement patterns, functional strength standards, and cardiovascular levels that identify and address key physical needs to help you achieve your goals. Free for ages 16+ and all experience levels.

Group/Team Training

Already have your group, squad, or team?! That’s cool, there’s a plan for that. Whether your party is in for the weekend or your party is here for life, training with one another can be a fun and rewarding experience. Drop-in groups: $25/person. Contact for more info on weekly rates.