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    Landing Mechanics, Opening and Discovering

    I’ve landed in PEC. Finally. I’ve spent the last two weeks moving my belongings out of my apartment in the city and trying to settle into new roots in The County. Safe to say, I landed on two feet. Jumping and landing require a series of muscle contractions that initiate movement UP with the intention of controlling force DOWN. It requires a coordinated effort from the nervous system to signal to muscles around the hips, knees, and ankles to achieve triple extension to take flight. Once in the air, your body is loose, it’s floating, like you would if you…

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    More to come!

    I look forward to bringing more news from the growing fitness community in Picton and from around PEC! Stay Tuned.

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    My Journey From the GTA

    As a fitness professional working in Toronto since 2012, I’ve had the pleasure of working in diverse environments with populations of varying health and fitness backgrounds. From selling memberships and cleaning equipment in a commercial gym in Roncesvalle and The…