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My Journey From the GTA

As a fitness professional working in Toronto since 2012, I’ve had the pleasure of working in diverse environments with populations of varying health and fitness backgrounds. From selling memberships and cleaning equipment in a commercial gym in Roncesvalle and The Junction to conducting fitness assessments and writing exercise programs in a community fitness center in the GTA, my experiences are anything but specific. This would all change when I was hired at one of Toronto’s private premier members’ athletic and recreation club in 2013.

Training some of the most successful people in Toronto was such a rewarding experience and I leave with a new perspective on fitness. I have a duty and responsibility to ensure fitness coaching services are made accessible to EVERYONE.

I took a Fitness Coach position conducting more assessments, writing and delivering exercise programs before transitioning to a High-Performance Trainer when client demand was high. I worked with a variety of people, groups, and teams associated with the club. I have helped anyone from youth athletes looking to improve their strength and speed in their sport to seniors exploring their fitness for the first time to be more functional in their daily lives. A lot of my understanding and comprehension in fitness and performance I learned from some of the most knowledgeable trainers in the city. This, along with continuing my education by attending conferences and workshops on an annual basis keeps me informed and governs my training philosophies today. Through all of what I’ve learned in that time, one lesson remains to be the most humbling: fitness is universal and no one comes without it.