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Landing Mechanics, Opening and Discovering

I’ve landed in PEC. Finally.

I’ve spent the last two weeks moving my belongings out of my apartment in the city and trying to settle into new roots in The County. Safe to say, I landed on two feet.

Jumping and landing require a series of muscle contractions that initiate movement UP with the intention of controlling force DOWN. It requires a coordinated effort from the nervous system to signal to muscles around the hips, knees, and ankles to achieve triple extension to take flight. Once in the air, your body is loose, it’s floating, like you would if you were in space (well, kind of, but gravity is a major factor). Landing is the hardest part- the eccentric force placed on your muscles at the point of contact outpaces the effort it takes your muscles to jump. It initiates a fast twitch response from your nervous system to signal to your muscles to stiffen, change force (absorb), and very quickly, in order to prevent yourself from falling to the ground.


The opening of the gym also happened. Finally.

In another effort to jump and land, my business is now in full swing. A soft open through May has allowed people to come in, try the space, try our classes, all the while learning a bit about their own physical abilities, strength and how that relates to literacy. Safe to say, I’m still in the air… and will be, for a long time.

Through a series of jumping and landing, I’ve eventually made my way here, Prince Edward County. Where a new batch of challenges awaits.


I stumbled upon these little set-ups the other day near PECI (left) and in Delhi Park (right). It happened to be at a time I took a break from the gym, as our Uplifters (Womxn) class was going on. My partner Kayleigh heads that class and I leave to give them their privacy.

Discovery is so much more than what we see… it can:

    • be a change in what we feel,
    • challenge what we know,
    • and provide context to a new perspective we didn’t share.

This is what I discovered:

    • A dilapidated, seemingly forgotten, unused, outdoor, free fitness station
    • A humbling reminder of the advancements of exercise science
    • An opportunity to reinvigorate life into this old set-up (symbolic to what I’m trying to start)

I’ve posted an exercise circuit video on my Instagram account (@robspagnola). I added exercise variations to the stations, I encourage anyone to give them a try, and try a few of the circuits I have posted!


“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.”- Marcel Proust

Discover something on your own. Maybe it will change your perspective.