About Rob

Working with groups and individuals, the focus is always to develop quality movement patterns that are important for the person’s form and reproducible to function in their daily lives.

Strength, speed, power, and endurance are synonymous to the physical demands people face every day. These fundamental principles help govern my training philosophy when coaching clients with varying needs and goals.

My philosophy:

Train smarter not harder. It’s easy to make you inexplicably tired, seriously, 100 burpees is HARD but WHAT do you have to gain from it? Training smarter involves a focus, a plan, and sometimes direction to see benefits that you could never get from doing 100 burpees.

Gym is NOT life… at least for my clients it’s not.

Living in PEC, no one wants to live a life in the gym. Well designed training programs provide you with what you need to enjoy our community to the fullest.

I moved to PEC because I love what I do. I'm establishing my business here because I found a progressive and creative community focused on living purposefully.

“Keep It Simple Stupid” might not sound like the most exciting training program, but is it ever effective. Following some of the simplest programs can give you exactly what you are looking for in less time than you expect.

Over 5 years experience working in fitness, personal training, rehabilitation and strength and conditioning

Certified Personal Trainer with The Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology (CSEP)

Certified Bommarito Performance Systems Level 1 Coach & Certified PN Level 1 Nutrition Coach

Attended the Hip Assessment: Tips and Tricks Workshop organized by The Canadian Professional Trainers Network (CPTN) & the Assessment and Exercise Program Design Workshop organized by Performance REDEFINED

Annual attendee of the Ontario Provincial Strength and Conditioning Clinic organized by the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA).

Coached and trained recreational and competitive athletes of of all ages and sports teams including swimmers, figure skaters, distance runners, cyclists, hockey, soccer and football players.

Collaborate with physiotherapists in rehabilitation programs helping patients back to function from acute injury and chronic conditions.

Presented seminars and workshops including “Risk Assessment: Using HR, BP, and BMI to Assess Health”, “Weight Training for Fat Loss”, “8-Week Sport Nutrition Seminar”, “Strength Training for Cyclists”

 It is my mission to help people grow their knowledge and understanding of how to regain control of their strength and autonomy over their movement, so they can live simply, at their best.