I have helped youth athletes improve their strength and speed - Seniors exploring fitness for the first time be more functional in their daily lives - Professionals keep their minds keen and focused to maintain their performance in work.

I learned from some of the most knowledgeable, internationally recognized trainers in Toronto. This training and continuing my education keeps me informed and guides my training philosophies today.

With all that I've learned, one lesson remains: Health is universal but everyone's fitness needs are unique.

“Plain and simply, a nice guy to be around”

Peter and Mary Lou Rankine (Retired, Grandparents of two)

“Focused Approach.”

NT, Toronto

“Tailors the workout to the person”

Two very satisfied, healthy and fit grandparents

Working with groups and individuals, the focus is always to develop quality movement patterns that are important for the person’s form and reproducible to function in their daily lives. Strength, speed, power, and endurance are synonymous to the physical demands people face every day.

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5 years experience working in fitness, personal training, rehabilitation and strength and conditioning. Diploma in Fitness and Health Promotion with Honours from Humber College. Certified Personal Trainer with The Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology (CSEP).

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Private Training

Have a specific goal in mind that needs the right attention? Working privately can be beneficial for people with specific needs that require individualised programming and instruction.

Semi-Private Training

Benefit from working with a friend, family member, or partner that keeps you accountable. Training in pairs can provide a fun and interactive learning experience.

Group/Team Training

From youth to seniors and residents to visitors. Whether your party is in for the weekend or your party is here for life, training with one another can be a fun and beneficial experience.

PN Certified Nutrition Coaching

As a PN Certified Coach, I am trained and qualified to provide nutrition coaching for anyone looking to lose weight to gain weight.

Customized Program

Following a training program with a specific goal in mind maximizes your efficiency in the gym and takes the guesswork out of designing a workout on the fly.

Individual Movement Profile

We dive into details of your physical and nutritional background. We look into goal setting, nutrition, and conduct a thorough movement screen to help identify key needs to help you achieve your goals.